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David Tremmel,  

   I was born and raised in the small town of Duncansville, PA. My family went to church every Sunday morning. One day I got baptized because everyone else was doing it and I thought it would be neat to do also. No one told me what it meant to be baptized and I thought I was living a good life to get me to heaven.

   I went to church there for 20 years before I joined the United States Marine Corps. in Feb. of 2002. After boot camp and infantry training I found myself in a platoon that was preparing to go to Iraq. During my time in Iraq I was surrounded by my fellow Marines that gave their life for the freedom of this country.

   Upon returning to the states by God's grace their was this Marine in my platoon who asked me to come to a Bible study one Friday night at a servicemen's center in town. At this time I knew that I needed to get back into church, but I told him that I couldn't go that week but to come back and get me the next week. Sure enough he came back the next week and I went to this Bible study at the Jacksonville Christian Servicemen's center and this is where I met Bro. Jim Hart and his family. That night Bro. Jim kept on asking me questions about if I would die tonight would I go to heaven. Of course I answered him yes because I am a good person. He took me to a room then and opened up the Bible and showed me from the Bible how to get to heaven. I told him that night that I am alright, I thank the Lord that he didn't give up on me and he encouraged me to come to church.

   So I came to church that Sunday because Bro. Jim had a daughter named Kathryn who encouraged me also. I kept on going to church three times a weeks because I enjoyed it and Kathryn was there. About a month later the Holy Spirit of God convicted me that I was a sinner on my way to hell if I didn't get saved. That night in my barracks room I got on my knees and asked the Lord Jesus Christ to come into my heart and save me. Shortly after my salvation I got baptized in a good Bible believing Baptist Church.

   A couple of months later after serving the Lord faithfully with Grace Baptist Church and Bro. Jim in base visitation the Lord was dealing with me in surrendering to full time ministry. It was Feburary of 2006 now and my contract was almost over with the Marine Corps. and I surrendering to go into full time service for my Lord.

   In August of 2006 I moved to Powell,TN where I attending The Crown College of the Bible under the direction of Pastor Clarence Sexton. In June of 2007 I married Bro. Jim Hart's daughter, Kathryn. During our time in Bible college the Lord dealt with us about starting a ministry to the military, and He lead us to Fort Bragg. In May of 2010 I finished my work at The Crown College and graduated.

   In His Service,

   David Tremmel

       Heb. 12:2



Kathryn Tremmel,

   I was born and raised in a Christian home. My parents are missionaries to the single military at Camp Lejuene, NC. I was invovled in varies ministries in our church. I began to live off of my parents faith to get me to heaven.

  Then at the age of 17 my youth group and I went to Indian Creek Baptist Camp and it was there where I realized my need for my own salvation. I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart and save me.

  It was through my parents ministry at a Friday night Bible study where I met David. My dad was the one that brought him to the realization of his need for salvation. After graduation of high school I also went to Crown College of the Bible, and a year later David and I were married.

  While at college God burdened my heart for the military and He lead David and I to Fort Bragg, NC.


   God be the Glory,

      Kathryn Tremmel

         Rom. 8:28